Heat of reaction mass , Process safety and Powder handling were most useful topics. This type of training is required for all pharma employee for powder handling with safety measures.

Keyur Vaghamashi

Topic: Managing Process and Powder handling hazards

All topics covered under process safety was very useful kindly extend the duration of training.


Topic: Process safety

DSC, RC, TMR and Risk analysis were the most useful. Collection of data and how to read data was very effective topic. Similar training to be conducted frequently to check the effectiveness.

Keerti Chendra

Topic: Process and Powder safety

Accidents , Incidents and Basics of Risk analysis were very useful. Basic of Process safety was great.

M. Prakash

Topic: Managing Process and Powder handling hazards

Great learning and this training shall be very useful in our day- to-day activity. Please keep providing such trainings.

Raghavendra Reddy

Topic: Managing Process and Powder handling hazards

GVS CIBATECH Services has been established by the founding fathers for Chemical Process Risk Assessments experts in India. We are happy to continue to utilize the variety of services offered under one roof for our sites within region viz. training, risk assessment, testing and analysis to support the above goal.

Mr. Shrikumar Parappurath

Global HSE & BC Business Partner for Solids APAC sites, Novartis

UPL is a India’s leading Crop Protection manufacturing company putting up 2 – 3 new plants every year & with the continuous guidance & expertise from technical expert team of GVS CIBA TECH we are improving our process safety exponentially

Mr. Paresh Adhwaryu


Good lab setup with all the necessary equipment . Tests are conducted as per guidelines and Compliance. Great knowledge and approachable to solve all the customer queries

Dr. Bharat Sharma

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd, Navi Mumbai

Good Lab facilities for safety studies. Very good and co- operative scientist . Their suggestions are very helpful for other industry people. Thankful to the team for explaining in dept about all safety characteristics

Dr. Suresh Doke

Hikal Ltd, Pune

Excellent lab facilities. Very knowledgeable and co -operative staffs and expert in interpretation. Very satisfying experience.

Shilpa. G. Nayak

Reliance Industries Ltd, Patalganga

We see GVS Cibatech as a good resource for Technical association. It has Good expertise and service for contemporary process safety needs of the Industry.

Mr. S. Ramesh Babu

Suven Life Sciences Limited

GVS Cibatech is having excellent set up for process safety testing’s . They have good team and approachable to solve any related queries

Dr. Krishna J

Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals Ltd, Roha Raigad

Excellent Lab facility and Set-up . The commitment to quality is commendable . State of art instruments and highly skilled man power. This will certainly help in maintaining world standard performance.

Prof (Dr) P. A Joshi

Dean of Chemical Engg, D.D University Nadiad.