Process Safety Training Programmes

Expert Process Safety Training to Support Your Plant Safety

The chemical industry involves the use of potenally hazardous materials and processes, and without proper training, employees may not be aware of the risks or know how to properly handle and respond to emergency situaons.

Training on process safety plays a key role in ensuring the safety of your facility, employees, the community and the environment. It also helping organizaons to comply with regulaons and maintain a safe and producve work environment

Adequate knowledge and training on process safety can help employees to idenfy and assess hazards, understand emergency procedures, and use safety equipment correctly. This can reduce the likelihood of accidents, and help migate the impact of any incidents that do occur.

GVS Cibatech is India's only One Stop Shop for all your Process Safety needs. We have a NABL accredited laboratory, we provide consultancy and we have a suite of training programs on Process Safety. Some of India's leading PS praconers with years' of experience and knowledge on Process Safety are a part of our team.

Our Open House Training Programs

We hold Open House Training programs in various cies in India. Our programs are held in well-known and conveniently located Hotels where the food and hospitality is of high standard and have excellent conference facilies. Should you wish to stay in the hotel they also provide top class accommodaon.

Our training programs are interacve and we use examples from industry as well as case studies from our consulng and tesng porolio.

An Open House Programme has the advantage of having an audience from various industries and therefore the exchange of experience from different industries adds to a greater interchange of knowledge.

Our In-House Training Programs

The In-House training programs we offer are tailor-made for your requirement. They will cater to your industry and the chosen audience. Ahead of the program, we will discuss with you your specific needs and establish clear targets and the skills that you wish your team to develop by the end of the program.

While you may choose a program from our exisng list, it is also possible for us to modify our program or design a program that suits your specific needs.