• Dust Exposition Hazard Assessment and Prevention

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Dust Exposition Hazard Assessment and Prevention

Dust Exposition Hazard Assessment and Prevention

Safe handling of dusts and powders is far more challenging than flammable liquids and gases. This is because the physical properties data for safe handling of dusts and powders are not always fully understood. In India many explosions that take place in

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Paint
  • Plastic
  • Polymer
  • Metal
  • and other industries

happen because the dust explosion hazards are not understood and steps to prevent these explosions are not taken.

How is a Dust Explosion Hazard Assessment (DHA) carried out?

Our engineers will visit your plant to identify locations or operations where combustible dust atmospheres could be present during normal and abnormal operating conditions. A review of existing measures and controls for dust explosion hazards is also conducted and we will also review the fire and explosion characteristic of the powders in your plant. Based on the study we will recommend practical measures to eliminate and control the potential of the fires and explosions as well as how to protect people and plant against the consequences of dust explosion hazards. We will also recommend testing of the appropriate parameters of your powders and dust to develop fire and explosion prevention and protection measures—the “Basis of Safety”. Our recommendation will also include proper housekeeping and cleanliness measures which is very often the cause of dust explosions.

Why choose GVS Cibatech to conduct DHA study?

We can be a partner with you to provide the support services you need as you implement changes to prevent dust explosion fires. We are amongst the few companies in India who have an in-house dust explosion testing laboratory with the latest equipment and data. You can count on us to use our experience and expertise to address the issues you are facing and develop efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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