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Fire Safety Audit

Fire Safety Audit

Fire is one of the most common of cause accidents in any factory. There are various reasons to pay particular attention to fire safety risks and conduct regular fire audit. While there is of course the threat of legal action if an audit is not done but the threat of serious injury or fatalities to staff, loss of production and income, damage to a company’s reputation, the potential for increased insurance premiums and the loss of valuable production assets are all good reasons to conduct Fire Safety Audits.

What are the steps in conducting a Fire Safety Audit?

We conduct our FSA according to the guidelines of The National Building Code (NBC), Tariff Advisory Committee (TAC) and NFPA. The onsite visit of our audit team will be to conduct a thorough and detailed inspection of the facilities, the fire hydrants and sprinkler system, to check for their proper installation and operation. Inspection will also cover the installation and adequacy of the fire extinguishers, the signages, building/plant approach to ensure ease of movement and safe assembly area. The competence and training of the fire fighting personnel including their training records is also an important part of the audit. Adequacy of reservoir capacity, the hydrant system, size of the pipe mains and other finer points are also covered.

How does GVS Cibatech differ from the other agencies doing FSA?

As with any audit, the audit is only as good as the auditor who carries out the audit. When you work with us you can be sure that you are working with the finest professionals in this field. You can expect nothing but the highest standards of professionalism and commitment. A Fire Safety Audit from GVS Cibatech will give confidence to the management, employees and stakeholders that the plant is well equipped to handle any fire incidents.

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