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Hazid Studies

Hazid Studies

Hazard Identification studies are based on an evaluation of the events that may pose a risk to a company’s assets, people, reputation or environment. The HAZID study lists the hazards in terms of their severity and forms the basis on which to develop a strategy to avoid risks in a plant.

What does a HAZID study entail?

  1. 1The HAZID study is done out to identify all the potential hazards associated with the facility, assess the impact of these hazards and provide mitigation measures, if required.
  2. 2The HAZID study entails:
    • Reviewing the design drawings
    • Reviewing and Document the HAZID study
    • Developing a comprehensive HAZID report and action items list.

What is GVS Cibatech’s HAZID study methodology?

The study assesses the facility against a list of guidewords that GVS have developed. The guidewords are used to identify potential hazardous events / situations. Each potential hazard would be examined to derive the cause, consequence, safeguards and additional measures that may be required to adequately manage the risk. A HAZID study is particularly useful in the early stages of a development of a project, either as a standalone exercise or as part of a more general review. Based on the perceived frequencies and consequences, the identified hazards are then assessed and ranked according to their severity and presented in a tabular form.

Risk Reduction Measures

Risk Reduction Measures

GVS uses its experience and knowledge to offer practical and workable solutions implement measures to minimise risks. These measures are designed to eliminate, prevent or control incidences and to mitigate effects.

Mitigation Measures

Mitigation Measures

Include steps to prevent escalation of developing abnormal situations and to reduce the adverse effects on Health, Safety and the Environment.

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