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Hazop Study

Hazop Study

A knowledgeable study leader works with a team and uses a series of guide words to examine potential deviations that could occur for each part of a plant or process. The consequence of each credible deviation is considered by the team, and the acceptability of safeguards is assessed. Potentially hazardous situations are retained for more detailed further investigation such as consequence analysis.

How is the HAZOP study conducted?

The study is performed by considering each node in the P&ID, in a structured and creative manner to identify deviations from the intended design. The guide words used are from a carefully prepared list and the appropriate guidewords are chosen for each node. The HAZOP chairman poses these questions to the team of design engineers and operational staff who identify all possible deviations from normal operating conditions as per the guidewords. All possible hazards and operational difficulties are assessed. Once a hazard or problem has been identified, the team will endeavour to find a solution from within the group. In case that is not feasible the team may decide to conduct a further study outside the HAZOP session.

The deliberations of the session are recorded by a scribe and if any condition is found where a deviation can give rise to a significant consequence, it is noted on the HAZOP study worksheets.

Why chose GVS Cibatech as your preferred consultant for HAZOP Studies?

The cutting edge of GVS Cibatech study is the rigour with which we conduct the study. Beside the experience our consultants provide strong direction in conducting the HAZOP and this adds much value to the study and gives you the confidence of a job well done.

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