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Pre-Start Up Safety Review

Pre-Start Up Safety Review

A PSSR is a safety review conducted prior to commissioning of a plant to ensure that the plant meets the requirements of safety as specified in the operating or design document. A PSSR must also be conducted if there is a modification in the original design or there is any introduction of new chemicals in the process or the plant is re-starting after being under shutdown for more than one week. A PSSR not only cover equipment and processes but also training.

How is a PSSR carried out?

As per OSHA 1910.119 a Pre-Start up Safety Review must be carried out “for new facilities and for modified facilities when the modification is significant enough to require a change in the process safety information”.
The steps in our PSSR study follows the following stages:

  1. 1The consultancy starts with a sample review of the Process Safety information to check if it is current and whether all employees have access to the information. Thereafter a review of the Process Hazard analysis for completeness and adequacy is checked.
  2. 2Checks are also conducted to confirm whether the SOPs have been adequately developed and implemented and whether system for safety, maintenance and emergency procedures have been developed / modified and implemented.
  3. 3If new construction has been installed a review is conducted to confirm that the Construction and equipment are in accordance with the design specifications.
  4. 4A review to confirm if the training has been completed for employees involved in operating & maintaining the process. Review if the training and drills (where necessary) have been completed for employees that are required to respond to emergencies.

Why choose GVS Cibatech to conduct PSSR Audits?

The GVS Cibatech team has a long and commendable record for conducting PSSR studies. Our team consists of expert specialists who can facilitate a comprehensive PSSR study to give you the confidence that the new or modified facilities are sound and safe to commence safe operations. Far too many incidents take place in India where property and lives are lost much of it due to improper safety reviews after modification as well as before start-up of a new facility. We have some of the finest professionals in our team to conduct the PSSR studies and give you the confidence for safe operation of your plant.

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