Process Safety Consulting

Since 2015 GVS Cibatech has trained hundreds of engineers, performed thousands of powder safety testing and conducted numerous process safety assessments. Going beyond mere testing, GVS Cibatech has helped companies implement measures at their workplaces to make it safer. Today GVS Cibatech is the preferred choice of companies across industries and geographies for their process safety testing and consulting needs.

We now offer a wider range of services in Process Safety Consulting and Training. Our consulting services include HAZOP, HAZID, Dust Explosion Hazards Analysis (DHA), Fire and Explosion Hazard Assessment, Hazardous Area Classification, (HAC), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Process Safety Management (PSM), Process Safety Management Competency Gap Analysis, Incident Investigation
and much more.

We are thus a one stop service for all Process Safety services—Testing, Training and Consulting.

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management is the use of analytical tools to identify hazards, determine the level of risk and decide on appropriate prevention or protection solutions. It includes the identification of a suitable Basis of Safety to prevent or mitigate process safety hazards and is a prerequisite for safe operation of a facility.
There are several techniques for conducting PSM studies and the most appropriate study may be used depending on expert judgement, experience and skills. The most common approach involves identification of the hazard, determination of the level of risk and implementation of the necessary safeguards that form the Basis of Safety.