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Process Safety

A Safe Process is a Sustainable Process!!

Chemical & pharmaceutical companies have made great strides in technology and state-of- the-art systems and infrastructure.

The equipment and methodologies required to successfully investigate chemical processes for hazards have been available for many years.

Inspite of this, accidents and incidents continue to occur.

Our Safety Services include the necessary testing, training and consulting on all aspects of powder handling and processing operations including chemical reactions.

Our practical and thorough approach will provide a comprehensive hazard assessment of your products and processes.

Our testing capabilities can provide you with access to some of the latest testing equipment in the industry as well as the expertise of our technical experts, who can advise on use of the data in risk assessment. Our dedicated team have over 60 years combined industry experience and heritage derived from Ciba-Geigy.

Their expertise and knowledge are world renowned, specialising in process safety testing, dust explosion testing, powder handling, chemical reaction hazards investigations, reaction kinetics, thermal stability testing, incident investigation, plant audits, consultancy and training.

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Tests for Process Safety

  • DSC (Al crucible) (as such sample) – Melting Point determination

  • DSC (Al crucible) (as such sample) – Glass Transition determination

  • DSC (High Pressure) (as such sample) - Measuring the heat of reaction/decomposition & onset temperature of reaction/decomposition

  • DSC (High Pressure) (For Reaction Mixtures) - Measuring the heat of reaction/decomposition & onset temperature of reaction/decomposition

  • Reaction Calorimeter (RC) - Measuring the heat of reaction, Adiabatic temperature, MTSR, Specific heat

  • ARC Thermal Screening Test – Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC) determines TMRad (Time to Maximum Rate under Adiabatic condition) & SADT (Self Accelerating Decomposition Temp.)