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Regulatory Consulting

We provide regulatory support for fast track and cost effective approaches to enter new markets, introduce new products and comply with existing regulations. We work with partner labs who support us on toxicology and we also have a full service in house analytical and material testing laboratory which are fully equipped to support your global regulatory strategies.


Chemicals, through the different steps from their production to their handling, transport and use, are a real danger for human health and the environment. People of any ages, from children to elderly, using many different languages and alphabets, belonging to various social conditions, including illiterates, are daily confronted to dangerous products (Chemicals, Pesticides, APIs etc.).

To face this danger, and given the reality of the extensive global trade in chemicals an internationally-harmonized approach to classification and labelling is essential. The Globally Harmonised system of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) classifies chemicals by type of hazard and proposed harmonised communication elements including labels and Safety Data Sheets.

GVS Cibatech can help companies address gaps in their existing MSDS or help create new ones as per the GHS guideline. End-points used for classification can either be referenced from literature or we can perform the safety tests (in-house) and the toxicity tests through our partner labs to get an accurate and peer reviewed MSDS.

Global Chemicals Management

  • Hazard Classification and Risk Assessment.
  • Preparation of GHS classified MSDSs for intermediates and finished products.
  • Derivation of Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) and Bands (OEBs).

Compliance of Materials/Articles for Food and Medical Packaging

We offer analytical support in addition to review and consultation.

  • New material in contact with food stuff.
  • Migration Studies (monomers, additives, heavy metals etc)
  • Extractables and Lechables determination.

Toxicological and Ecotoxicological testing

Our collaboration with selected partners delivers experimental services and regulatory management.

  • Profiles for hazard classification of chemicals.
  • Protocol, data and reports to meet international regulatory standards.