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Risk Analysis Tool

Systematic Risk Analysis is of great importance in providing a meaningful and actionable interpretation of experimental process safety data generated in the laboratory. This will help Organise the data around safety tests.

Perform Risk Analysis in the context of available plant/equipment.

Plan for preventive measures based on data generated.

GVS Cibatech with its years of experience in process safety has developed a risk analysis tool to help companies develop inherently safer processes by making optimal use of their safety data.

User Benefits
  • Web based software – no downloads required and ease of access.

  • Data will be securely maintained on the cloud service and will be only accessible to authorized users from the customer team User will need to take a subscription to the service

  • Reports generated in standard format will allow for better analysis, evaluation and comparison

Key offerings
  • Data capture for - Chemicals Involved, Plant / Equipment, Product Process

  • Risk Assessment Report

  • Data Archival