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Vent Design

Vent Design

There are several techniques for handling runaway reactions and installation of a Vent, more commonly called as an Emergency Relief System (ERS) is extensively used in industry. The purpose of the ERS is to release the pressure evolved from the runaway chemical reaction more rapidly than the pressure can build. A vent has to be so designed that not only does it cope with the release of the pressure, but it must be allowed to vent to atmosphere as it may carry with it hazardous chemical waste, flammable and toxic gas.

How is Vent Design done?

Sizing of a relief system is extremely demanding. Determination of how the system pressure is generated (vapour pressure, gassy or hybrid system) will determine the type of kinetic data, which needs to be obtained for relief vent sizing and indicate which vent sizing equations to use. The basis for design of an emergency relief system on the reactor may be based on the worst of the following scenarios:

  1. 1Runaway reaction.
  2. 2Hydraulic filling.
  3. 3Fire engulfment of the reactor.
  4. 4Other scenarios depending on your process

Step 1

  1. Conduct ARC heat-wait-search thermal stability testing
  2. Conduct a evaluation of the reaction thermochemistry
  3. Once the test results are available, conduct an onsite credible worst-case scenario (WCS) review to determine the potential to achieve reaction runaway or decomposition, thereby selecting the cases to be studied in detail

Step 2

  1. Depending upon the outcome of the initial testing and WCS review, further study of the protection measures will be required. This may include:
    • Adiabatic calorimetry simulating the worst-case scenario determined by the review, in order to supply data for vent sizing
    • Vent sizing calculations using laboratory data

Why choose GVS Cibatech for Vent Design?

The design of an ERS is a very specialised job and not only entails a good deal of knowledge concerning chemical reactions and how the pressure is generated, but also an in depth understanding of the equipment and process conditions. GVS Cibatech have unparallel expertise in this area and we have developed customised software and knowledgeable technical staff to design a vent for safe operation.

We can partner with you to ensure greater safety in your plant. To get a quote to for our services for Vent design, please contact us.

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